Alpine Pearls

Winter romanticism in Austria with winter hiking, snowshoeing, ski tours, horse-drawn sleigh rides, tobogganing & sledding

On a winter holiday in Hinterstoder | Austria you will find a varied selection of walkable winter hiking trails. Discover the wintry landscape on snowshoeing or ski tours. Glide through the winter landscape on a horse-drawn sleigh or toboggan down the valley on an illuminated natural track

Winter hiking trails to get some fresh air

For walks in winter  in Hinterstoder | Austria there are some winter hiking trails that lead through the winter “fairy-tale landscape” of the Stodertal. 

Snowshoeing through the winter landscape

Snowshoeing in Hinterstoder | Austria – a popular way to discover the winter landscape. Take on snowshoes and conquer pristine snow landscapes that otherwise would not be accessible in winter or take snowshoe hikes accompanied by an experienced hiking guide. 

Ski tours in Hinterstoder – Ski tours in the Stodertal

For ski tours in Hinterstoder | Austria  there are various levels of difficulty. For all of the ski tours listed below, appropriate equipment is required, as well as some basic experience and condition.
Important for ski tours: Before each tour, ask about the current snow report and inform yourself about the current avalanche warning levels.

Ski touring opportunities in the Stodertal |Austria:

Skitour Sigistal
Schitour Bärenalm
Skitour Dietlhöll
Schitour Wild'n
Skitour Loigistal

Horse-drawn sleigh rides through the winter forest

Enjoy horse-drawn sleigh rides through thewonderfully snow-covered winter landscapeof Hinterstoder |Austria.

Contact info for Horse-drawn sleigh rides inHinterstoder | Austria:

Renate Pernkopf
Polsterlucke 6
4573 Hinterstoder
Tel.: +43 (0)7564 54822
phone: +43 (0)664 5286092

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Tobogganing & sledding in Hinterstoder | Austria

At the Berghof Sturmgut there are plenty of meadows around the house for tobogganing, sledding or bobsleighing. A forest road that leads away from the house is regularly prepared with the tractor and thus there is the possibility to to sled on the farm even with a lot of snow.

3 km from us, just outside Hinterstoder|Austria, there is a 1.2 km long and illuminated natural toboggan run with a height difference of 200 m which is open y day until 11 o’clock if there is enough snow. Sledges can be rented from an inn. The local taxi company also offers a shuttle service.