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Ski World Cup Hinterstoder | Austria – World Cup races in the Stodertal

Since December 1986, Ski World Cup races have been taking place in Hinterstoder | Austria at regular intervals. Until 2006, the men’s and women’s races took place on the old World Cup track “Bärenalm” at the end of the valley. Since 2007, the international ski races have been taking place on the newly built “Hannes-Trinkl-Rennpiste”, which leads directly to Hinterstoder | Austria.
On 28th and 29th February 2020 and 1st March 2020 the last Men’s World Cup races were held, an Alpine Combination, a Super-G and a Giant Slalom.

Hinterstoder | Ski World Cup race in February/March 2020

End of February /At the beginning of March 2020, the World Cup team came back to Hinterstoder for the 10th time. There were three Men’s World Cup races in Hinterstoder. The Ski World Cup races took place on 28th and 29th February 2020 and on 1st March 2020 in Hinterstoder. On 28th February 2020 an Alpine Combination, on 29th February 2020 a Super-G on the Hannes Trinkl World Cup circuit and on 1st March 2020 the Giant Slalom took place .

The Super-G had the following final results:

1. Vincent Kriechmayr with 1:33:08
2. Mauro Caviezel with 1:33:13
3. Matthias Mayer with 1:33:16
4. Alexis Pinturault with 1:33:32

The AlpineCombination had the following end results:

1. Alexis Pinturault with 2:04:90
2. Mauro Caviezel with 2:05:89
3. Aleksander Aamodt Kilde with 2:06:15
4. Kjetil Jansround with 2:06:31

The final results of the Giant Slalom:

1. Alexis Pinturault with 2:41:96
2. Philipp Zubcic with 2:42:41
3. Henrik Kristoffersen with 2:42:68
4. Marco Odermatt with 2:42:86


Review of the Ski World Cup in Hinterstoder | Austria

The first Ski World Cup race in Hinterstoder took place on 21st December 1986. In this Men’s Slalom Armin Bittner celebrated his first slalom victory, ahead of Bojan Krizay and Oswald Tötsch. Men’s and Women’s World Cup races followed at regular intervals. 
Since October 2006, the new World Cup race track from the middle station of Hutter Höss to the centre of Hinterstoder has been completed. This new race track is really demanding and also for ski tourists an enrichment of the ski offers in the ski area Hinterstoder | Austria.