Alpine Pearls

Nearby zoos

Two zoos are located in our vicinity. Perfect for an adventure is the “wild mountain" Mautern and ideal for animal lovers is the Cumberland wildlife park in Grünau with the Konrad-Lorenz-research institution.

Wildlife park Grünau

The Cumberland Wildlife Park Grünau is 58. 2 km from Berghof Sturmgut. The zoo offers species-appropriate habitat for about 50 different animal species and about 400 animals, on an area of 60 ha. The game park Grünau specialises in the care, nurturing and breeding of endangered species. For example, primitive wild horses, forest bustards and griffon vultures are bred here and in some cases reintroduced into the wild in the original areas.

More information about wildlife park Cumberland in Grünau

Der "wild mountain" Mautern

The "wild mountain" in Mautern is 86 km away from Berghof Sturmgut and is a highly recommended destination for excursions with children. The zoo features over 250 wild animals housed in spacious and beautiful animal enclosures. The zoo offers the most beautiful and extensive bear enclosure in Europe ! A very special highlight is the twice daily (not on Mondays) bird of prey show.

More information: the wild mountain Mautern