Alpine Pearls

Swimming facilities nearby

The Berghof Sturmgut is located in the middle of the mountains and therefore far away from the sea beach. Nevertheless, there are plenty of attractive swimming facilities in the village and in the nearby & wider surroundings. Swimming pools, lakes, ponds, bathing bays,  swimming facilities with slides & diving towers and, for bad weather, indoor swimming pools, spas & fun pools.

Outdoor swimming pool in Hinterstoder

The outdoor swimming pool Hinterstoder, is located 2. 5 km from our house, in the centre of Hinterstoder in the leisure park. For your swimming fun there is a 25 m long and 12 m wide nirosta swimming pool with diving blocks. Solar heating ensures rapid heating to at least 24 degrees water temperature. The outdoor swimming pool in Hinterstoder has a non-swimmers area with 90 cm water depth. In addition, a children’s pool with 12 sqm of water surface and a small elephant slide. Around the swimming areas you will find plenty of sunbathing areas and playgrounds. Additionally, there is a restaurant right next to the bathroom.

Directly connected to the outdoor swimming pool Hinterstoder is a leisure area with mini-golf courses, tennis courts and a tennis hall.

Nearby swimming pools

The outdoor swimming pool in Windischgarsten is distant 19.8 km from our house. There is a slide with 2 turns, a 3-meter diving board, a water mushroom and diving blocks. For toddlers there is a baby pool with a toddler slide. The large sunbathing lawn offers places in the sun and in the shade. Partly in the outdoor swimming pool Windischgarsten there are fixed wooden loungers available.





The outdoor swimming pool of Micheldorf is 27.9 km from our house. There is a water surface of 924 sqm, divided into five different stainless steel basins. The attraction for children is the 15 m wide slide. For jumping there is a private pool with a diving tower. Adjacent to the swimming pool area there is a natural swimming pond. Furthermore, the outdoor swimming pool in Micheldorf offers a large sunbathing area with mother and child area, baby paddling pool with preheated water, Kneipp pool, children’s playground, naturist sunbathing area and ample parking.

Nearby swimming lakes

The swimming lake  Lake Elisabeth in Kniewas is 12.2 km from our house. At the entrance to the valley of the Stodertal is this 6,500 sqm large former gravel pond which has been converted into a family swimming lake. Around the lake there are spacious sunbathing lawns with enough trees to provide shade. Although a natural lake with 4.5 m depth, the swimming lake warms up very quickly to a pleasant bathing temperature of about 23 degrees. Parallel to this is the beginning of the reservoir of Klaus. Directly connected to the swimming lake Lake Elisabeth is a campsite..



The mountain swimming lake  Lake Gleinker in Roßleithen is 17.2 km from our house. A mountain lake with the best water quality, idyllically located in a plateau and is surrounded by striking rock walls. It is 600 m long, 400 m wide, about 125 m deep and is a swimming lake for landscape lovers. A shallow hiking trail surrounds the swimming lake. Magnificent sunbathing lawns, a boat rental, a restaurant and a tree climbing park in the immediate vicinity make this swimming lake an attractive excursion point.



The swimming lake in Edlbach is 22.5 km from our house and is located next to the golf course. This swimming lake has a water surface of 3200 sqm and an average water depth of 1.6 meters, the maximum water depth is around 3.3 meters. Large sunbathing areas, a playground, a beach volleyball court and an excellent restaurant complete the bathing pleasure on the swimming lake Edlbach.

Nearby indoor swimming pools

The indoor swimming pool in Windischgarsten is located 19.8 km from our house. This indoor swimming pool was completely renovated in 2003 and there is a swimmer and a non-swimmer area. The water temperature is 33 degrees.






The panoramic indoor pool in Spital/Pyhrn is located 26.5 km from our house. The indoor swimming pool has a 25 m x 10 m large and up to 1. 5 m deep sports pool with a water temperature of 30 degrees.


Thermal baths & fun pool

The thermal bath Mediterrana in Bad Hall is 52 km far from us. This beautiful spa in a Mediterranean ambience offers spacious water areas and swimming areas. The indoor pool has a temperature of 32 degrees. In the vitality pool there are countless massage jets and in the panoramic outdoor pool you have a magnificent view of the foothills of the Alps.
For children there is a small children’s spa world for splashing.
More information about the thermal bath  Mediterrana you can find here - thermal bath Bad Hall


The fun pool Aquapulco in Bad Schallerbach is 74.5 km far from us. The Aquapulco is Austria’s most attractive water park on 3,100 sqm with slides, wave pools and a mini water world for toddlers.
More information about Aquapulcowaterpark you can find here - Aquapulco