Alpine Pearls

Excursions on rainy days

Some sights of Hinterstoder can also be visited easily on rainy days. As a destination in bad weather we recommend: Alpineum in our village , Poacher Museum, Alpine Museum Spital am Pyhrn, monasteries, knife-smith museum and shopping possibilities.

Alpineum Hinterstoder

The Alpineum is located next to the municipality of Hinterstoder and 1. 9 km from Berghof Sturmgut. A tour of the Alpineum Hinterstoder presents to you: the hard life of the lumberjacks, the development of skiing to the present day, the history of tourism in our valley, which had its origins in hunting tourism, climbing and mountaineering and the dangers and risks associated with it, collections of pictures with motifs from the Stodertal, painted by famous artists, up to current cultural events Exhibitions.

Poacher Museum at the Steyr Bridge

The Poacher Museum is 11.7 km from Berghof Sturmgut. An exhibition on hunting and poaching is documented in an original way on an area of 500 sqm. You can learn how poaching in the Alps originated in the 16th century. The legendary poacher’s battle of Molln, which took place in 1919, is also shown in detail.

Alpine Museum – Between Heaven and Earth

The museum “Between Heaven and Earth – Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and the World of the 8000s” is located in the former monastery building of Spital am Pyhrn, 26.9 km from us. In this alpine museum you can immerse yourself in the world of the 8000s on an exhibition area of 400 sqm. The patron of this exhibition is the local extreme mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner. In the museum rooms you can feel what she experienced and went through on the 14 eight-thousanders.


Knife-smith museum in Steinbach

Knife-smith museum in Steinbach/Steyr is 39. 9 km away from the Berghof Sturmgut and shows on two floors that, in addition to the craft of the scythe smiths, the craft of the cutlery flourished from 1422 to 1967. The knife-smiths produced true works of art under the harshest conditions, which were traded as far as Venice.

Shopping-city Liezen

43. 7 km from us lies the small shopping town of Liezen. There you will find most well-known shops, clothing stores, various costume shops, sports shops, drugstores, shoe shops and a small shopping center – the ELI with 50 shops, 5 restaurants and 600 free parking spaces.

To find more information about the ELI - click here.

Shopping-City in Wels

SCW (Shopping-City-Wels) is 77. 5 km from Berghof Sturmgut. The SCW is located on the western city limits of Wels, not far from the motorway exit Wels-West, with approx. 27,000 m2 of shopping space. A diverse offer with more than 80 shops, ample parking space, free childcare with a Kinderland, make this shopping center interesting. Opposite is another shopping center, the MAX-Center.

For more information about the SCW-Wels - click here.

PLUS-CITY in Pasching near Linz

The PLUS-CITY in Pasching is 80 km from Berghof Sturmgut. The PLUS-CITY is one of the TOP 4 shopping centers in Austria and has a very varied offer of over 220 shops and 48 restaurants on an area of 70,000 m2. We can really recommend this mall as a perfect shopping experience for the whole family.

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