Alpine Pearls

Mountain railways on your summer holiday – hovering up the mountains with the cable cars

Hover with the Hinterstoder cable cars to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in our state and enjoy the magnificent mountain panorama. Take the funicular Wurzeralm into a flowery moorland landscape. Or visit the Wurbauerkogel by chairlift, enjoy the view from the panoramic tower into the Kalkalpen National Park and the mountains of the region, and then go downhill into the valley by summer toboggan run.

Mountain railways in Hinterstoder

The valley station of the cable cars in Hinterstoder can be found in the town centre. A 6-seater gondola takes you to the middle station at 1,400 m above sea level. On the extensive plateau you will find pleasant circular hiking trails. The flat paths lead over the alpine meadows of the Hutterer Böden. Cozy, rustic restaurants and alpine huts invite you to stop for a snack.
Magnificent full-day hikes start here, which lead either over the Weißenbachtal to Hinterstoder or over the Steyrsbergerreith-alp to Vorderstoder.
A 23 km long mountain bike route also starts at the middle station, which leads over the Rottal, the Schafferteich and the village Vorderstoder to Hinterstoder.

To a beautiful spot of earth you can take the 6-seater chairlift of the Hinterstoder cable cars at 1,850 m above sea level. Here you are on one of the most beautiful vantage points in our state of Upper Austria. Two beautiful circular hiking trails start at the top station of the cable cars, which lead up to 2,000 m above sea level and offer breathtaking panoramic views of the “Death Mountains. ”
The hiking trails lead past the “snow oven”, up to two viewing platforms. On the way back you pass the Schafkogel Lake.
Those who have the confidence can set off from the mountain station of the Höss-Express, for alpine tours on the Schrocken (2,281 m), crest crossings to the Warscheneck (2,388 m) or via the Hochmölbing (2,336 m) to the bear alp.

Below the mountain station there is a mountain inn with a magnificent panoramic terrace.


Mountain railways at the Wurzeralm

Take the funicular up to the “foot” of the Warscheneck mountains. The valley station of the Wurzeralm funicular can be found just outside Spital am Pyhrn, right before the Pyhrn Pass, 31. 5 km from our house.
The first section of the funicular, takes you to the Wurzeralm at 1,400 m above sea level. The Wurzeralm is the largest high moor in the Eastern Kalkalpen and a beautiful hiking area. Recommended is the leisurely hike to a small idyllic mountain lake (Brunnsteinersee). The lake is framed by the peaks of the Warscheneck (2,388 m), the Stubwieswipfel (1,786 m) and the Red Wall (1,872). The newly created themed circular hiking trail (2 million years in 2 hours) guides you in a very informative way around the high moor.

The second stage of the Wurzeralm funicular takes you with a double chairlift to the Frauenkar. A 30-minute, easy circular hiking trail leads around the Frauenkar. The views on this circular hike are astonishing and you can even see the Dachstein. An alpine hike (simple via ferrata) is the circular tour over the summit of the Warscheneck (2,388 m). Ascent over the via ferrata at the south-east degree and descent over the Red Wall – a very nice alpine tour.

Wurbauerkogel with summer toboggan run & Alpine Coaster

A nostalgic one-seater chairlift takes you to the local mountain of the Garstner Valley, the Wurbauerkogel (850 m). Right next to the mountain station of the chairlift is the newly built modern panoramic tower. The views from the different levels of the tower, the mountains of the region and the area of the Kalkalpen National Park are magnificent.
An exhibition in the panoramic tower on the geological development of the region and the nature, is worth seeing and a MUST during a visit.
The mountain station is a good starting point for hikes into the national park area and into the Garstnertal.

The summer toboggan run 

is a great fun for all children and adults. With a special sled you drive on a tin track into the valley. Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa also have a lot of fun. The 1,523 m long route has 16 sharp turns and goes back to the valley station over 233 m altitude.

At the end of the summer toboggan run, you can immediately change to the Alpine-Coaster. Sitting in an all-weather sled you are automatically pulled up the mountain and then you go a 760 m long stretch into the valley. The sleds can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h. With children, the ride in a 2-person sled, through several roundabouts, steep bends, jumps and waves is a fun holiday experience.