Alpine Pearls

Adventure possibilities in Hinterstoder and nearby

If you want to have some thrills on holiday, you are right with us. Test your courage and skill in the high ropes course. Swing from tree to tree with the Flying Fox, master the rapids of the Steyr with a riverbug, float on a tandem flight with a paraglider, from the mountain to the Valley or raft in a dinghy with your family.

high ropes course in Hinterstoder

The high ropes course is 8.4 km from our house. This outdoor activity is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Different skill stations are built between the trees, such as wobble bridge, bucket dance, double posts, cross ropes, wobble sticks, wooden blocks, wooden swing, cross-sticks, etc. Each of these stations will require your skill, movementcoordination and stamina. The courses in the high ropes course are arranged in 3 levels of altitude. You start at a low altitude and come slowly up to 3 meters and then you get over 5 meters to a height of 12 meters. Of course, always well secured in a seat belt that you have to attach yourself to the safety ropes with two carabiners. You always have the option to get off between stations, or to get around a more difficult obstacle and skip it.

Watch our video about the high ropes course in Hinterstoder – here high ropes course in Hinterstoder.

Flying-Fox area in Hinterstoder

The Flying Fox - Stations are 8.4 km from our accommodation.
This exciting outdoor activity is just the thing for those looking for adventure, and is incredibly fun. Steel cables of different lengths are stretched between the trees. You only secure your seatbelt with the two safety ropes, hang the roller, push yourself off the platform and you’re rushing from tree to tree. Here the longest route is 140 m and leads over the wild Steyr River.

See our video about Flying Fox in Hinterstoder- here Flying Fox in Hinterstoder

Riverbug - Riverbugging on the Steyr

Riverbug is a white water sport with a huge fun factor for the whole family. If you find rafting boring in the meantime, you should try Riverbug. This water sport comes from New Zealand and is learned in a few minutes. A riverbug is a kind of open rubber boat, about 1.5 m long and weighing only seven kilograms. One is his own captain and sits on a hard foam seat between two banana-shaped tubes. The backrest is an inflatable air cushion, which is a perfect protection against rough passages in the ice-cold whitewater floods.
Riverbugging is equipped with a wetsuit, helmet, small fins and special gloves (hand fins). After a short training course, you go on a 6 km trip on the wild water of the Steyr.  Already after a few meters you will know the ropes with the hand fins and foot fins are steered through the roar of the tides. It’s amazing how maneuverable the riverbug is and how easy it is through rapids, high white water waves and small waterfalls can be steered.

See our video about the riverbug in Hinterstoder – here Riverbug on the Steyr.

Tandem flights & paragliding in Hinterstoder

A tandem flight through the skies of the Stoder Valley is the ultimate holiday experience. The fantastic views of the mountains are a real experience and for a tandem flight you don’t need any special requirements. It is an incredible feeling to float almost silently through the air, feel the wind in your face and look at the world from above. You will never forget these bird’s eye views.
After a detailed instruction by an experienced tandem pilot, you only have to run a few steps and you will take off and float comfortably seated towards the sky.
Flights are possible in all weather conditions and we will be happy to arrange a flight appointment for you at the Hinterstoder flight school. If you want to do tandem flights we book for you and you will receive a special price for hotel guests.
You can also try tandem flights in winter – the only difference is the skis on your feet.

Such a dreamlike flight, can also Your tandem flight will be – by the way from the sequence 8:16 to 8:22 & 8:31 to 8:36 you can see our property Sturmgut
tandem flight

Rafting & family rafting in the Region

Rafting with the whole family or just as a couple is a “cool” holiday fun and at the same time a humid joyful adventure with the motto “everyone is sitting in a boat and paddle. ” Since rafting does not require any special knowledge, you have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the unspoilt nature and the scenery on the river from the boat. You can paddle and steer yourself with the support and guidance of a certified raftguides through the splashing whitewater floods.
On a raftingtour, you get the complete equipment provided to me warming neoprene from head to toe. This allows you to carry out your raftingtour in any weather.
Very sporty or experienced participants can also ride alone with minirafts or inflatable canoe rafts. These are driven in 3 rd or 2 rd crew and supervised and accompanied by an experienced raftguide or kayakinstructor.

We offer the rafting tours of the  company UP & Down and will be happy to arrange a suitable rafting appointment for you.