Alpine Pearls

Attractions in the vicinity of Hinterstoder

In addition to the most beautiful places of Hinterstoder, there are many interesting excursion destinations nearby: e. g. : the Schafferteich, the Pießlingursprung, the Lake Gleinker, the Panorama Tower, the Dr. -Vogelgesang-Klamm, or a visit to the National Park Visitor Centre Molln.


Schafferteich in Vorderstoder

This approximately 4 ha large pond, is located very quiet and idyllic in the mountain landscape of Vorderstoder and is10, 6 km from our small hotel.

Pießling´s spring in Roßleithen

The Pießling´s spring in Roßleithen, is located 14 km from our small hotel. It is the largest karst spring in our state and one of the largest in Austria. In summer, the spring can supply the water needs of about 100,000 people.

More information about Pießlingursprung - look at Wikipedia Pießling-Ursprung

Lake Gleinker in Windischgarsten

The picturesque Lake Gleinker is located at an altitude of 806 m and is about 13 ha and 17.2 km from our house and is perfect for swimming or pedal boat riding.

More information about the lake you will find at Wikipedia Gleinkersee.

National park-panorama tower at Wurbauerkogel

The panoramic tower at Wurbauerkogel in Windischgarsten, is 24.4 km from our accommodation. From the 21 m high glass tower you have a magnificent panoramic view of 21 two-thousanders and the Kalkalpen National Park.

Dr. Vogelgesang-ravine in Spital am Pyhrn

For 1. 5 km you can climb in the ravine about 500 wooden and stone steps, sometimes steep stairs and boldly laid out walkways that lead through the wild, romantic, water-carrying canyon of the Trattenbach

More information about Dr.-Vogelgesang-ravine - siehe Wikipedia Dr.-Vogelgesang-ravine

National Park Visitor Centre Molln

The National Park Visitor Centre in Molln, is 30.7 km from Sturmgut. The Visitor Centre is located right at the beginning of Molln. The modern atrium building is the headquarters of the Kalkalpen National Park Society. In the service center you will receive all the information and information for many exciting excursions and guided tours in the National Park.

More information about Kalkalpen Nationalpark at Wikipedia Nationalpark-Kalkalpen