Alpine Pearls

Day trips in Hinterstoder

In addition to the most beautiful places in Hinterstoder, the is a small selection of interesting day trip destinations; e. g. : Adventure Erzberg, fairytale grotto railway in Linz, giant ice caves and “5fingers” on the Dachstein, salt worlds with the town of Hallstatt; etc.


Adventure iron ore mine with giant dump truck

This huge show mine and the ride with the largest taxi in the world, a 55-t heavy with 860 hp dump truck, in the still active open pit mine for iron ore, are a highly recommended day trip for the whole family.

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Fairytale Grotto Railway & State Capital Linz

The Pöstlingberg Linz is 91. 9 km from Berghof Sturmgut. It is the view mountain of the state capital Linz. On the mountain there is a well-known electoral church and the most popular attraction of the city for families, the Fairytale Grotto Railway  with an underground fairytale world

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Dachstein giant ice cave and “5fingers”

The giant ice cave in Obertraun am Dachstein is 98,2 km from us. Take a gondola to the Schönberg-alp (1.350m). From there you hike in steep serpentines, about 20 minutes to the entrance of the ice cave, then it takes about 1 hour, at about 8 degrees through the mountain.

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A ride with the second section of the gondola to the 2,108 m high Krippenstein is also recommended. Here a spectacular viewing platform has been built over a 400 m deep abyss – the “5fingers

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Salt Mine & town Hallstatt

The Hallstatt salt mine is 99.5 km from Berghof Sturmgut.
With the Salzbergbahn (funicular) you ride up to an altitude of approx. 840 m, where the salt worlds of Hallstatt begin. Follow the themed trail through the Hochtal, past the prehistoric cemeteries, which point to the 7,000-year-old salt mining in Hallstatt.

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