Alpine Pearls

Hiking taxi & hiking without car

Take a hiking holiday in Austria without having to use your car. During your hiking holiday with us at the Berghof Sturmgut, you can use ALL public transport in the region free of charge. Very cost-effective is the hiking taxis system of the region, with which you are taken to the starting point of a hike, or from the end point of a hike back to us at the Berghof Sturmgut.
Or we can arrange for you to rent an electric car (Twizzy) on site – this way you can get to the starting points of your hikes in a climate-friendly way.


Cost-effective hiking taxi

During a booked holiday in our house you have the opportunity to use the the cost-effective hiking taxi. This is an ideal way to get to the starting point of a hike withoutyour own car or to be brought back from the end of the hiking tour to our house. Shuttlecomfortably back and forth without having to think about where your car is or how best to get back to us. The taxi voucher for use of the hiking taxis is available at the reception.