Alpine Pearls

Children's playroom in the house

Our playroom is part of the children's play area in the house. The children's playroom is only 20 steps away from the dining rooms, on the same floor. The house and the yard are built very clearly and so the children and parents can find their way very quickly.

Playroom - centrally located in the house

The children's playroom is centrally located on the ground floor. Due to the optimal location of the children's playroom in the house, the children can run into the playroom again and again between meals and can easily be brought back without spending a lot of time. Enjoy a relaxed family holiday in Austria at holiday accomodation Sturmgut.

Children's playroom - in case the sun isn't shining

In the play room you will find a play area for toddlers, with a drawing board, Lego bricks in different sizes, games, books, picture books, children's books, big play farms, toddler vehicles and toys.

TV und Kinderfilme

For the children there is a corner with TV, video and DVD player in the children's playroom. Various children's films are available and children's television programs are available on the television.