Alpine Pearls

Children's playground right by the house

Giant trampoline, swings, soft pool, slides, climbing frame or water slide, there is plenty of play equipment for every age group. Our children's playground is right next to the house and can be seen from both dining rooms, partly from the balconies and the terrace.

Giant trampoline at the playground

The children's favorite piece of equipment at the playground is the giant trampoline with a diameter of 4.80 m. The trampoline is a popular meeting place for children. Here the first careful attempts at jumping or practicing the first somersaults are made and many friendships are made.

Soft pool for swimming days

For hot, sunny days, there is a soft pool for swimming on the terrace, with a diameter of 4.80 m and a height of 1.10 m. 15,000 liters of water with a water depth of 90 cm.
Nearby outdoor swimming facilities.
Nearby indoor swimming facilities.

Playground with a mountain panorama

At the playground there are two swings for children, a toddler swing, a play tower with a playhouse and a 5 m wave slide, a nest swing, a toddlerslide, a toddler playhouse and a climbingframe.

Water slide at the playground

On hot summer days, the 8 m long water slide at the children's playground is activated. The adults also have a lot of fun on this slide.