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Layette in the house

Holiday with a baby or toddler(s) is not a problem at the holiday accommodation Sturmgut. We have the following baby items available for your holiday.
You don’t need to carry these toddlers' belongings with you on your holiday:

Cribs, separating grids, baby and cot linen, baby bathtubs, baby phones, baby changing tables, baby changing pads, diaper buckets, dining high chairs, child-resistant sockets, strollers, buggy, back carriers, sleds, etc.

If you have not booked an apartment, we offer you the opportunity to prepare or cool something for your baby at any time. We have a 24-hour guest kitchen on the first floor equipped with two hotplates, a microwave, a fridge, a bottle warmer and crockery.

We kindly ask you to let us know when booking which baby equipment you need so that we can provide everything for you in time.