Alpine Pearls

Farm with calves, cows, pigs, lamas, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, chickens and dogs

All these animals can be found by the country life at our holiday accomodation Sturmgut.

Two great farm dogs - and very friendly

Hi, my name is Fido and I am a good-natured Newfoundland Dog. I am the "Big Boss" at Sturmgut and the favorite of the children and the other animals. Although I look like a big black bear and weigh almost 60 kg, I am very calm. I prefer to lie on the terrace all day and let my mind wander. Every now and then I do my laps around the courtyard to check everything. 

Servas, I'm Pauli, I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog  and I'm the "trainee" on the farm. I like to lie on the terrace with a large parasol and watch the goings-on in the courtyard.When a car comes, I report it immediately and check if everything is alright. Because I have to know who is visiting us.


Kunekune pigs - we are the SUPERMODELS on the farm

Hello - we are Frieda & Wilma - we are two Kunekune pigs. Our catwalk roots are in New Zealand, - there we are the pet pigs of the Maoris (indigenous people).
You can see us regularly on the Sturmgut catwalk. We are extremely sociable and very communicative and therefore love to gossip with the visitors - we are without "airs and graces" at all. We do little tricks and like to let children feed us with dandelion leaves.
I - Frieda, am the red-haired super model and am a curvy model - and Wilma is the black and white piebald super model (I suspect she is "anorexic" - just keep this between us !!! ).
Not far from the playground, we have our "chalet" with a large garden, as well as a mountain view and shady trees. There the children can feed us dandelion leaves at any time. But very often we are also on the meadows of Sturmgut. We need this power walking - to get in shape!
PS from Frieda: May I tell you a secret of mine! My "dream cuddle model" is Fido! I think he's soooo cute! - CCCiaooo !!

Nimble, conceited cats

Bonjour, we are the Aristocats at holiday accomodation Sturmgut.

My name is Bastian and I am the red farm cat - and of course the big boss. I'm always on the lookout for mice. Most of the time I am outside in the meadows around my farm. In between times, the children can find me on the terrace or I can be seen in the dining rooms. I prefer to be petted on the head. Just don't pull my bushy tail - otherwise you will need "plasters" for your hands.
Then there are my friends. Mia the mud-colored cat. She is a somewhat reserved lady and likes to lie in her basket by the hallway window. Rosi, the "black witch" comes from the animal shelter and mostly hangs around with the children at the holiday farm or in the house. Benny, even a red cat is unfortunately a real "softie" - because he always keeps out of my way. And last but not least, our Leo, a white and red young cat. He came to us as a "foundling from the village" and is "very annoying" just PAMPERED! Oh yes! Two tabby farm cats still live in the hayloft - but I ignore them completely!

We all love soft sleeping possibilities to relax and the food bowls always have to be full to the brim - otherwise we won't be nice to "our employees"! - Good bye ! À bientôt !

Big rabbits & cute guinea pigs

Moin, Moin we are the rabbits of the Berghof Sturmgut.
We rabbits live in a large outdoor enclosure right in front of the house. We get along very well with the guinea pigs, who have a house to sleep all by themselves.

We like to be watched and fed by the fence - we prefer dandelion leaves or meadow grass – that’s enough for us – bye-bye!!


Very curious lama mares

Hola, we are the lama mares at the holiday accommodation Sturmgut. We are lamas and always close to the farm. We are very calm animals. You can watch us all day long . We lamas actually always observe the happenings at the farm, because we are very curious. We are happy to let the "Turistas" feed us with dry bread, carrots or apples and go on a walk with us once a week. Atención! Spitting can happen sometimes, but mostly we spit on each other! Honesto!

Calves & cows – bulls & oxen

Our farm is farmed all year round with mother-cow husbandry.
The calves  spend the whole day with their mother cows and the bull on our pastures around the farm. That’s why the cow barn on our farm is empty in summer. The calves are not locked up in the barn. Our entire young cattle (1-2 years old) are on the alpine pasture during the summer months.
With the first frost all cattle come to the barn and stay there until about mid-May. If you want, you can watch farmer Rainer work at the barn at 11:30 am. Help with the stable work is not possible with us, because we do not cut off the horns of our cattle and therefore the risk of injury for children is simply too great. (when feeding, the animals very often make abrupt, unpredictable head movements, which can lead to nasty injuries). 

Cocks and hard-working chickens

Hello, my name is “Sir Hubert” and I am the rooster with many hens. We are Brahma chickens and we live and run back and forth in the courtyard area. This gives us a good overview of the court’s activities. Dogs that are not on a leash, we do not like!! But otherwise I don’t have any stress here at the farm, I just have to take care of my “wives” so that the hens lay eggs


Rare fire salamanders on rainy days

If you are lucky, you can watch some fire salamanders on the terrace, in the yard, in the meadows or in the woods on rainy weather. The fire salamanders have a body length of about 20 cm. The smooth, deep black skin is usually interrupted by yellow dots or shapes.
When touched, the fire salamander excretes a secretion which can cause a slight burning on the skin in humans, but is very unpleasant in the eyes or mouth.

Fat Toads - only at night

Anyone who walks through the courtyard or the surrounding paths late in the evening or at night with a flashlight will always discover some thick, fat, harmless European toads.