Alpine Pearls

Activities for the whole family

Hiking with the lamas, carriage ride with "draught dog" Fido, feeding animals or a trip in a tractor trailer into the Holzberg are activities that you can experience with your children during a family holiday at Berghof Sturmgut.


Our activities for families in summer:

Carriage ride with "draught dog" Fido

Once harnessed as a draught dog, Fido dutifully pulls the cart with the children. Most of the time, the children help him pull or push a little, so the carriage ride is not too strenuous for him.

Trip with the tractor trailer into the "Holzberg"

We go by tractor on our forest road, through meadows and forests across cable car routes and  steep ski slopes up to almost 1,000 m above sea level in our Holzberg. There we enjoy the view of the Stodertal. After many explanations about skiing, forestry, the region, nature and country life, we will return to the farm.

Tour around the farm at Berghof Sturmgut

During the tour around the farm, we will give you an insight into the history and processes at Berghof Sturmgut. We will inform you about the type of settlement of the farm, which buildings had what use - how processes used to be and how this is now implemented - why young cattle come to the alpine pastures in summer - information about the animals on the farm - differences between summer and winter processes on the farm - current problems and advantages, etc. - everything that is interesting about country life.

Feeding the rabbits & guinea pigs

Today is the day for all rabbit and guinea pigfriends. A table is set up at the outdoor enclosure. The animals sit on the table and so the children can feed and stroke the rabbits and guinea pigs.

Visit to the cock & chickens with egg inspection

Of course, a farm also includes a visit to our chickens and cocks. We feed Sir Henry, Hubert and the chickens. Hubert, the proud rooster also eats out of the hands of the children. Then we check the henhouse and see if there are fresh eggs.

Feeding & getting to know the lamas

One day we visit the  lamas in the stable to feed the lamas. Nervous and with “false premonitions”, adults and children enter the stable. But quickly everyone loses their fear of these big, trusting and very curious animals. Carefully the lamas eat the “tasty” brought with them from the hands of children and adults.
Now everyone is eagerly waiting for the tour with the lamas.

Short tour with the lamas

The lamas are handed over individually from the lama stable to the parents and children with a halter and a leash. Each lama is led by a parent and several children on a leash, each child having its own leash. After a short mutual acquaintance we make a leisurely tour with lamas.


Lantern walk to the Witch’s Area (8:30 pm)

This evening is not for the faint-nerved, as we walk into the dark forest, where for many centuries the witch has been “doing her mischief. ”
With small lanterns we set out carefully and hike into the dark, mysterious forest. Soon we reach a small clearing where a small fire burns. There we make ourselves comfortable by the fire and grill sausages with long skews. The parents make sure that no child goes too far into the spooky forest, because right next door in a small hut, the witch lives and waits for the children who are too far away from the campfire.

Information about the activities

ATTENTION: We would like to point out that there is only one activity per day and that short-term holidaymakers will not be able to experience all the program points.

All program points start at the courtyard and always take place between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm (1x 8:30 pm). Thus you have enough time to do something with the Pyhrn-Priel ActiveCard during the day. The hours of the activity are announced on a notice board in the restaurant in the morning.

In case of extreme bad weather or impending thunderstorms, program points may be omitted for safety reasons or may be postponed to the next day.